Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fred Durst Tattoo Styles

Fred Durst (born William Frederick Durst, on August 20, 1970 Zheksonville, Florida, USA), singer Rapcore, Limp Bizkit.

Son of a police officer, the Durst put in Gaston, North Carolina, where he lived until adolescence. After high school, she returned to service shortly to U. Zheksonvill S. Navy, and later married at the age of 20 years. He and his wife had a daughter, Adrian, and divorced soon after Durst discovered that his wife of sexual matters in marriage. Later, he was attacked by colleagues in prison to his wife. Durst was involved in a dispute in the event of death of an Australian teenager Jessica Michalik was crushed to death Sydney Big Day Out, which show the Limp Bizkit played in 2001.

After the arrest, Fred spent much time in North Carolina skaters in advertising, then Zheksonville like tattoos. In addition, Sam Rivers, Wes Borland, John Otto, Durst Limp Bizkit group created in 1994. Later, DJ Lethal of House of Pain added to line up.
Durst also chairs his own record label, Geffen Records Records division flawlessly. Signed bands like puddle of Mudd, Revolution Smile, ringside, and Staind.

Many fans of the original, and recently left the loyalty Durst, but not always the group Limp Bizkit. Stories Durst create negative connotation, but in many cases, have developed "Anti-Fred Durst of traffic." Durst performance by Christina Aguilera at the MTV Video Music Awards, of course, does not help its credibility. Eminem has ridiculed Durst for a number of his songs. Popular heavy metal website Encyclopaedia Metallum ban also applies to that process "Dursted", named in honor of Durst comes as an indicator, which is exactly the opposite of what heavy metal. It also seeks to Trent Reznor. Zakk Wylde is intense hatred of him.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Family Guy Tattoos

Family Guy has completely taken the world by storm, and with nearly of decade of episodes under their belt, the fun loving and often crude characters that make up this program are poised for another 10 years of highly original reference style comedy.

Family Guy has garnered a cult like following of obsessed fans, some of which have ventured into the world of tattoo artwork and now don their favorite characters wherever the go. See some cool Family Guy tattoos below.
Excellent cartoon artwork on lower leg.
Glenn Quagmire pirate and skull cross bones.
Stewie Griffin and Evil Monkey ideas.
Stewie Griffin pointing artwork.

Tweety Bird Tattoos

When i think of classic adorable cartoon characters, the first thing that comes to mind is that feisty little yellow canary, known as Tweety Bird.

Tweety is another one of those lovable animated Looney Tunes characters, which stole the hearts of millions, often paired with Sylvester the cat, the duo became comic and entertainment gold.

Feast your precious eyes on these adorable Tweety Bird tattoos below.

Black and grey ink with innocent angel halo.
Small artwork on back right shoulder.
Tiny design on arm with initials.
Cupid inspired tattoo idea with bow and arrows.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cartoon Turtle Tattoos

Here we have nice picture gallery of some extra beautiful turtle tattoos with a cartoon inspired twist to the artwork.

Turtles are often associated with being very sluggish and slothful, however these creatures and the subsequent tattoos represent longevity and wisdom, which is certainly something we can all strive for.

Cartoon idea with sleepy eye and flower hat.
Tremendous artwork on right foot.
Cute art on lower leg.
Bubble boy idea.
Family with flowers and sunbeams.

Lindsay Lohan Tattoo Styles

Lindsay Lohan (born July 2, 1986) is an American actress and pop singer. Lohan started in show business as a child fashion model for magazine advertisement and television commercials. At age 10 she began her career in the television series Another World, at 11, she made her movie debut playing twins in the remake of Disney's The Parent Trap in 1998.

Lohan rose to fame with her leading roles in the films Freaky Friday, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Herbie trash girls and under full load. Other features include performance in a Prairie Home companion, and Bobby. In 2004, Lohan launched a second career in pop music, which leads to the albums Speak (2004) and a little more personal (RAW) (2005).

London (IANS): Singer and actress Lindsay Lohan is a fetish for tattoos and recently received the seventh - in the following quotes of Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe - have signed on right hand. She said: "I myself resume when I'm alone, and he's left wrist that says:" All the stars and deserve the right light, surrounded by yellow, blue and green stars ft. regarding with the source. new tattoo is the latest addition to the other Lohan - a word .... Shhh by pointing fingers, a small star wrist, hand on heart, to breathe a word of the wrist, La Bella Vita proposal at his lower back.